Laser Treatment

Excel V+ and ENLIGHTEN III offer advanced laser treatments targeting pigmentation issues, sun damage, and scarring, as well as providing solutions for tattoo removal. These services utilise cutting-edge techniques to address skin concerns effectively and enhance overall skin health and appearance.

excel V+

An innovative laser treatment developed by Cutera that is used to treat more than 20 aesthetic and dermatologic skin concerns including rosacea, facial and leg veins, age/brown spots and acne scars. It is the first laser to feature two ultra precise and best in class wavelengths 532 & 1064 nm. Whilst using 3 unique operating modes safely and effectively. For most procedures, Excel V+ provides quick treatments with the best results within just a few days. The number of treatments required can vary but results can sometimes be seen after just one to two sessions.

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Enlighten III

The ultimate laser device for skin revitalisation and resurfacing. Enlighten III also by Cutera is a non-invasive multipurpose laser that allows us to revitalise the skin and remove tattoos with little to no downtime, using three highly effective wavelengths (532, 1064 and 670nm) and dual pulse durations (2ns and 660/750ps). This versatile device allows your team to treat epidermal and dermal pigmentation concerns with safe, consistent and reliable results on all skin types. Achieve a cleaner, brighter & smooth complexion with noticeably improved colour, texture & tone. Enlighten III is a fully integrated aesthetic platform for tattoo removal, the treatment of benign pigmented lesions and skin revitalisation.

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