Wrinkle Reduction

Anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking signals between the nerves and muscles, preventing muscles from contracting and forming lines on the surface of the skin. Anti-wrinkle injections are not a permanent solution, and further treatments are required periodically to maintain the effect.

Your treatment will take up to 14 days to take effect. You may require additional medication at your two-week post-injection assessment, which will be for an additional fee. Please ensure you attend your follow up appointment in two weeks for a follow-up consultation where we will be able to assess your treatment.

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Pricing discussed at consultation.

Orbicularis Oculi (Crows Feet) from $150
Glabella (Frown) from $250
Frontalis (Forehead) from $150
Lip Flip or Gummy Smile from $99
Hayfever Treatment from $350
Hyperhidrosis Treatment
(Excessive Sweating)
from $999
Teeth Grinding
Jaw Slimming
Masseters Treatment
From $495

To ensure you’re the right candidate for this treatment, a consultation with our Registered Nurses is recommended. All procedures involve risks and side effects. No guarantees are made on expected outcomes.

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What are the side effects and risks of anti-wrinkle injections?

Due to the biological mechanism of action, anti-wrinkle injections are more conducive to side effects. Common side effects include:

  • Temporary bruising from the injection itself
  • Headache
  • Mild flu-like symptoms

Less commonly, the following side effects can also occur:

  • Eyelid droop
  • Eye twitching
  • Weakness in surrounding muscles

Any side effects that occur are temporary.

How long do the results of anti-wrinkle injections last?

Anti-wrinkle injections may last anywhere from three to four months. Re-treatments are required at regular increments to maintain your results.

What happens during an anti-wrinkle injection treatment?

The usual procedure for anti-wrinkle injections is:

  • You will speak with the nurse about your background and medical history at your initial consultation
  • Your nurse will formulate a treatment plan, which may include other therapies in addition to the injections if appropriate

At your anti-wrinkle injection appointment:

  • The nurse will map out the area to be treated by examining your ability to move certain facial muscles
  • Small injections are made in the targeted, which are causing your wrinkles. Each injection is made to a specific depth and with a particular volume of fluid

Can I get anti-wrinkle injections while pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding?

To date, no study has expressly stated that anti-wrinkle injections are harmful to unborn or breastfeeding babies. However, the consensus is that if you are pregnant, you should hold off on your injectable cosmetic treatments until after your baby is born and you are finished breastfeeding.

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